Dance To Increase Your Vitality!


This week while doing a reading, Spirit relayed a powerful message for my client that I feel would benefit many of us!!  So I’d like to pass it along!

During the session my client stated that she’s been having difficulty losing weight for several years.  She feels she’s tried changing her diet and going to the gym but she seems to lose her motivation quickly and stalls out.  Thus the weight has not stayed off.  This cycle of mustering up the energy to eat better or go to the gym just to fall short has been very discouraging for her.  

On behalf of my client, I connected with the Spirit Guides and relayed her question of ‘how can she lose weight’.  Guidance responded with a very simple suggestion for her to ‘DANCE!’  The Guides specified that, for her, it was important to dance in a freeform style to music that she enjoyed.  This could be at a club, a concert, or even in her living room!

Guidance elaborated stating that she should dance routinely at home, while on break from her job, while cleaning, while cooking, or even instead of watching TV.  They indicated that anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour would be sufficient.  

Well, just how is 15 minutes of dancing per day going to move the weight that my client has struggled with for years?!!  That was my question exactly!!  The answer from Spirit? “Because this will increase her VITALITY!”  Vitality is that spark, that flame of motivation, that feeling of invigoration!!  My client has all the best intentions of losing weight and sticking to her diet and exercise plan, she has just been missing the underlying VITALITY to carry her through!!  She starts with a bang but slowly or sometimes quickly falls off her plan because the routine of it, right now, is feeling more like WORK than FUN.  By taking a break from her daily routine to dance to a few songs that she loves, she will gently increase her vitality and renew her sense of self and experience an increase in motivation toward her goals!!  The more she builds up her vitality the easier it will be to follow-through with her diet and exercise plans!  Spirit went on to say that  increasing her vitality would not only help with her weight loss goals but would help her in other facets of her life.  Reason being that the dancing would change her constitutional foundation from ‘flat’ to ‘vibrant’!  That vibrant foundation will not only increase her motivation and energy, but will also bring positive attraction to her and her life!! 

There are many ways we can increase our vitality.  Taking a moment to dance to your favorite music is just one simple, convenient, and enjoyable way to do it.  Dancing ignites several chakras; the first chakra is engaged because dancing involves the physical body.  The first chakra is the energy center that governs the physical body.  The throat chakra is also engaged with dancing because of the music.  The throat chakra governs sound.  And for my client the heart chakra is also engaged because my client loves dancing and would experience a sense of freedom in her dancing.  The heart chakra is the energy center for love and freedom (among many other things). 

The joy in the heart, the movement in the body, and the sound music in the spiritual throat chakra all add up to that spark of vitality!

So if you’re feeling a little low on motivation, take a few minutes each day to shake your booty to whatever music you LOVE and watch how it impacts your life in a positive way!!  Shake, shake, shake!!!

From my heart to yours!