Energy Healing During Covid 19


Covid 19 has upended just about every aspect of our lives. But surprisingly, my work with clients continues — with just a few changes to ensure everyone stays healthy.

First off, for those clients who aren’t comfortable venturing into my office, telephone sessions work really well. In fact some people have always preferred remote sessions. Energy travels well no matter how many miles separate us.

But for those people who prefer to see me in person, here’s what you need to know:

  • When you schedule your session, I’ll query you about whether you’ve had any Covid 19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive
  • Typically, it’s just me and you, the client, in the treatment room. Sometimes clients may bring another person, which is fine, but I’ll ask them the same COVID-related questions
  • I wear a mask and I welcome you to do so as well
  • As always, I change the linens on the treatment table between clients
  • I wipe down with Lysol any surface you may come into contact with
  • I allow plenty of time between sessions to clean and recirculate the air

I like to diffuse essential oils before you arrive — providing you do not have any sensitivities or allergies. Lately, I’ve been using Thieves oil, which combines a few different essential oils, like eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary. The combination boosts the immune system and fights infection. According to legend, its use dates back to another pandemic, the Bubonic plague. Thieves would douse themselves in this combination of oils before stealing the personal effects of plague victims. And they never got sick.

My work generally involves a lot of hands-on touch.  However you will be lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed with a blanket over you, so I rarely touch you directly.   Additionally, I can work with my hands just above your body so if light-touch is not comfortable for you in any way I will use this method.

Good communication is very important in this work, so I welcome my clients to offer any suggestions that will make them more comfortable working with me during this pandemic.

And most importantly, stay safe and healthy!