How Does Energy Healing Help With Grief and Loss?

Energy healing touches a part of our pain and suffering that we cannot always explain verbally.  When we lose someone we love, maybe a partner or a child, we grieve in ways we don’t even comprehend ourselves.  Words don’t adequately explain what we’re going through.  As a result, we feel disconnected or even isolated from others because ‘they cannot understand what we are going through.’    

During an energy healing session I utilize light touch, if in person, and connect with your essence.  What that means is that I connect with how you feel inside.  As your practitioner I connect with your energy field and look for areas of discord in an effort to ease your pain.  At the same time, your body is investigating my energy field as well.  Over time, we develop a general rapport as people but our energy fields also develop a kind of relationship.  This builds with each visit and trust is formed not only person to person but energy to energy.  

There are many layers to emotional wounds.  As the energy pattern of these wounds surfaces I am able to ‘go into’ these spaces and connect with the depth of emotion there.  Your body will share information slowly and in your Spirit’s own timing.   

While my energy field is holding and healing your energetic wound I feel your pain. I share with you my felt sense of your pain.  In this space there is very little else and it is a most sacred place.  There is relief in the energetic repair.  There is comfort in allowing someone to truly feel your pain and care for it.  There is freedom because of this connection in a place of isolation.  

There is a profound difference between someone having sympathy for you and what you’re going through, and someone going into your pain with you, feeling it, and offering help.  

Healing can be fatiguing.  Emotional connections and releases are wonderful but they do require a lot of energy.  You want to be able to care for and heal your pain but also maintain your life; your job, your home, your children, activities etc.  Therefore, during your energy sessions I will ‘fill you up’ with vital energy via your chakra system as well as your nervous system.  

When someone is experiencing the tremendous stress that comes with grief or loss of a loved one their nervous systems are taxed.  Energetically, they often feel dry and brittle.  When your nervous system is like this, even simple daily tasks seem overwhelming; grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, balancing the budget, etc.   Therefore, I work with your nervous system to calm and cool your system.  Clients especially enjoy this work because they find it very relaxing.  It is in the place of relaxation that the body can rest and reset, as well as release and regain energy.

In some instances your loved one may appear in Spirit form during our sessions.  They may convey a message for you through me.  

We all experience grief differently.  Each individual’s experience is unique and divine unto them.  I have worked with clients immediately after the loss of a loved one and I have worked with clients many years after their loved one’s passing.  In all cases as the wounds heal and the pain subsides, the love steps to the forefront of the client’s heart and mind. 

(As a side note: While typing this article it was at this very moment I looked out my window to see a doe eating grass in the backyard.  I have seen this doe coming to the yard periodically since she was just a fawn.  She was accompanied by her sister but never a mother.  I often wondered if the mother had been killed.  Today the does are bigger and stronger and I think they will do fine during the Winter months.  

It is my strong belief that these deer and (dear) sisters bring a strong message to this article and to you the reader.  That is; Resilience after loss.  Incidentally, Deer medicine also helps you ‘navigate through the woods’ when you’re feeling lost.  You may wish to call upon the essence of the deer to help you find your way if you’re feeling lost.)  I recommend a book titled, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews to learn more about Spirit Animals and their unique medicine. 


Peace to you,