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What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine is a holistic approach to health and vitality via the human energy field most commonly known as the auric field. This field exists within and extends outside of the body. Energy medicine directly accesses the human energy field to promote abundant and free-flowing Qi (chi) within this field. Qi is defined as 'vital force' and is also known as 'life force energy'. Improvement in the flow and quality of Qi, within a person's system, will promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and vitality.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are 7 major chakras within the body. The word 'chakra' is Sanskrit meaning 'wheel'. The chakra spins (resembling a wheel) and resonates a particular frequency and color or light.

Chakras Healing

Chakra healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body. It is often referred to as chakra balancing because its goal is to restore the optimal balance between the energy centers.


Connection to the divine, letting go & surrender


Psychic ability & vision


Truth, timing & authority


Love, forgiveness & quest


Mental body, self-esteem & beliefs


Emotional body, boundaries & creativity


Physical body, identity & personal power

How can energy medicine help me?

Energy medicine may be utilized as a preventative or maintenance medicine or to treat specific areas of discomfort or concern. As preventative and maintenance medicine, energy medicine accesses the vital flow of energy to recharge one's system. Many of us lead very busy lives and as a result may experience fatigue physically, emotionally, mentally, maybe even spiritually. Energy medicine may be applied to recharge the system before fatigue manifests into actual pain or disease. For specific areas of discomfort energy medicine may be utilized as follows:
Physically - Energy medicine may be applied to physical wounds, infections, inflammation, pain, etc. to assist the body in healing. Energy medicine is often used in conjunction with modern medicine. Energy medicine allows the physical body to operate more efficiently and as such, respond to medical treatments more appropriately, thus encouraging a better recovery.
Mentally - Mental discomfort may show itself as mental fatigue, confusion, even pain (typically extreme confusion). As with physical and emotional healing, energy medicine may directly affect mental well-being by accessing the flow of Qi to this area. Additionally, since energy medicine impacts the entire system, when the physical, emotional, and spiritual centers are supported our mental center is relieved of trying to 'figure it all out', thus aiding in mental clarity and vitality.
Emotionally - With emotional pain and discomfort, energy medicine may help to contain the emotional discomfort and support a person's system in releasing pain, or traumatic behavior patterns and responses. Also, because energy medicine is a holistic practice, it strengthens the mind and spirit to process the emotion more clearly and effectively. Clients are also encouraged to seek psychotherapy in support of their emotional healing. As with physical healing, energy medicine and psychotherapy are great compliments to each other. Often times a client may be unable to connect with a deeper pain or emotion with talk therapy alone. Energy medicine will allow that connection such that the psychotherapy is then more effective.
Spiritually - Energy medicine may be helpful in strengthening spiritual awareness and expansion. As we repair and reconnect with the Qi, 'life force' energy we become more connected not only within ourselves but outside ourselves as well. If one's goal is spiritual health energy medicine may help bring into awareness the spiritual beauty in all things within and outside of the body. Additionally, energy medicine may help strengthen a person's own psychic awareness as well in the areas of perceiving and connecting with Spirit.

How do I know
which energy
medicine modality
is best for me?

There are many different modalities of energy medicine, which makes it difficult to know which modality will work best for you. Ultimately the only way to truly know is through experience. However, my suggestions to assist you in finding not only the right energy medicine modality but also the right practitioner for you are as follows:

  • Do some online research to have a basic understanding of the energy medicine you are considering.
  • Find out who is in your area or if not in your area who can do remote healings via telephone.
  • Schedule an informational or interview appointment with the practitioner you are considering. Call or visit the practitioner’s office if possible.
  • Discuss the area of concern or discomfort that you are looking to address. Ask about the practitioner’s experience working with that condition or situation. Understand the environment you will be in during a treatment. Know the cost and approximate frequency of treatment recommended.
  • If you feel comfortable with the skill level and persona of the practitioner, the environment in which you will be treated, and the cost of the treatment, then consider scheduling a few sessions. *In any type of healing it is important to feel as safe as possible so that your system will open to receive the help and to release the discomfort.