When I work with my client’s energy fields I ‘listen’ to what their body and energy system have to say.  Often my clients’ own energy provides great insight into their current situation.  Sometimes this insight can also be applied to anyone and everyone!

Recently I was working with a client.  We were releasing some heartache from her heart chakra.  As the pain was releasing I noticed it was starting to taper off.  I was curious about this because I could see that there was so much more to be released.   I asked her body (silently) what was needed to release more pain from the heart chakra.  My client’s wise energy field responded.  It explained that the (masculine energy) – movement of the pain – releasing of the pain, needed to be followed by rest (feminine energy).  Her system explained that this ‘Yin/Yang’ approach was absolutely vital to ‘completing’ this step toward change.  That the movement of the pain was NOT COMPLETE without the rest.  Once she completed the resting period she would be able to move to another pocket of pain and release that accordingly.  

This was a revelation! We often focus on the action, the movement. Once the movement or action is completed we feel the process is done. But the reality is, it is only half finished. The action is vital. Movement and change are so important to survival and happiness. However, without proper rest after each significant action or task, we do not reap all the benefits of that action or change. We also are not properly positioned to take on the next great challenge at hand.

So why is rest so important?  When we rest we open.  What happens when we open?  Oh my Lord – So Much!!  

When we rest and open:

  • We integrate all the information that flooded our system during the action phase.  
  • We process the changes emotionally and mentally.  
  • We recharge on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • We take in energy, love, nourishment, etc.
  • We energetically realign with our higher selves, God, and Mother Earth.
  • We listen to our bodies.
  • We gain insight.

In short we recharge, fill up and gather insight to help us move solidly and restfully to our next task.

Now, if you’re saying to yourself, “None of that happens when I rest! I feel just as tired after resting!”  

The reason for that is you are most likely a bit ungrounded and running on adrenaline.  You don’t stop until you feel exhausted or it’s ‘time to go to bed’ and you never really feel like you’re ever off the ‘hamster wheel.’  

Your energy needs to be thicker and fuller in your lower body and down your legs.  This is referred to as being ‘grounded’. When you’re grounded your energy extends down your body and connects with the earth like the roots of a tree.  Thus you are ‘grounded.’ 

So what do you do?  There are many different ways to get more grounded.  In this article I’d like to focus on the great insight we learned from my client’s wise energy field.  Through her field, we now know how valuable rest is for our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spiritual connection.  Therefore, the first thing to do is to SCHEDULE REST in your day!!  Yes, schedule it! 

Practice this wonderful insight!!  Set a timer or an alarm on your phone to take a break.  When you finish a significant task, meeting, or project at work, plan a short resting period before you move on to the next thing.  Go for a short walk.  Step outside and BREATHE.  Even taking a moment to splash water on your face or wash your hands helps the transition.  Additionally, you may want to schedule routine appointments for rest such as a facial or massage.  Pencil in a sudsy bath or time without electronics after your work day.   Plan a beach day or a walk in the woods.  The more you incorporate rest as the end-cap to your everyday action, the more your energy will sink down into the lower part of your body and legs and connect with the earth and you will gain all of the wonderful benefits of REST.

Shungo! (from my heart to yours)