Redecorate a Room and Change Your Life!!


Have you ever wanted an excuse to do some remodeling or to update your home decor?! Well, the Spirit Guides have come through for you!!

During a psychic reading I was given valuable information for a client.  This information was very specific to her life at that time.  However, I feel that one particular piece of that reading can apply to all of us.

During this particular reading, the client’s Spirit Guides informed me that she was feeling stuck in her life and unable to ‘move forward’ in many ways.  They said she was also suffering from depression and low self esteem.  After hearing this information from Guidance I confirmed with my client that this information was correct.  

In continuing with the reading her Spirit Guides were specific in that they wanted her to pay special attention to her bedroom.  They stressed that it needed to be thoroughly cleaned and old items needed to be thoughtfully purged or neatly stored.  Additionally, the Guides went on to say that the decor needed to be updated such as a new paint job to freshen up the walls.  They continued and spoke of her bed and bedding.  In particular Spirit requested that she purchase a new pillow and bedding.  Although Spirit was very specific in the tasks they wanted my client to perform, what was most important was that she absolutely LOVE each of the changes she was to make.  

Her Guidance made clear that her bedroom was the last thing she saw before closing her eyes at night and the first thing she saw when opening her eyes each morning.  Because of this simple fact this room, and its contents, had an even greater impact on her daily disposition.  Of all the rooms in her home THIS was the one of greatest importance specifically to boost her up emotionally.  This is why the walls needed to be a fresh coat of paint that made her smile.  Her bedding needed to be comforting to the touch and pleasing to the eyes.  Her pillow needed to gently support her head and spine.

I discussed with my client these specific tasks laid out by her Guidance.  I asked if she understood their message thus far.  My client acknowledged a real need to purge items located in her bedroom.  She discussed that she kept in her room old photos and old furniture belonging to her parents.  Many of the photos and the furniture reminded her of difficult and depressing times in her life.  She’d been wanting to make changes in her home and in her life but just couldn’t find the energy.  

Although my client was aware that these old items reminded her of difficult times she wasn’t fully aware of just how much they were impacting her merely by being in her BEDROOM!  My client truly had an ‘ah-ha’ moment as she thought about what it would feel like to make the changes that her Guidance was suggesting.  Given these messages from her own Guidance she felt much more resolved to tackle her home projects starting with her bedroom!

Lastly, when I asked her Guides if there was anything additional that they wanted to add, they specified that they would love to see her obtain a vanity table and mirror for her bedroom.  They were even more specific in stating that when she sits at this table and mirror to comb her hair at night they wanted her to know that they would be with her in every stroke.  This was very emotional for my client and she acknowledged that growing her hair was something she had wanted to do for a long while and had finally succeeded in that.  Now that it was long, combing her hair brought her a lot of comfort.  She was touched to have this special time of combing her hair acknowledged and supported by Spirit.

So now, take a walk into your bedroom.  Notice what you love about your room and what things you’d like to change.  If your list of changes is long but your money is short, know that a deep cleaning can change the energy of your room significantly.  

When you deep clean your room and belongings you’re not only removing stuck stagnant energy but you’re putting your light, your essence, and your love into it.  That ‘shine’ is reflected back to you and is uplifting.  So if money is tight, start with a deep cleaning and slowly make changes as your finances allow.  

After you do this, notice any changes in your sleep patterns and your physical as well as emotional energy levels throughout the day!!

Happy Redecorating!